Welcome, y’all! Cheers. I was going to start with “Welcomes, Bitches” but figured “hey let’s keep the first post classy”.

I’m starting this blog to have MY little corner of the internet, where I can share [ vent ] about motherhood. The good, the bad, and the disgusting. Unfiltered. Raw. Organic. [ Everyone loves some organic bullshit ] Maybe I’ll find my voice, my creativity and my sanity. My littles have been sucking the sanity and creativity from me for the past 4yrs. My voice on the other hand is constantly parenting [ yelling ].

This season of life has been hard. Real hard, y’all. But I’m trying. I’m trying to find the beauty in everyday and trying to be more present. I never got the instruction manual, so figuring it all out on the fly. The 4 past years has taught me that Momming is hard and I need “me time” and my own space. That’s how caffeinated momfessions was born. 

Momfessions may last a couple of days, or weeks, or months, or years. Cause let’s be honest, life happens. It’s going to be a form of therapy for me and possibly laugh for you. I need some type of outlet for all my thoughts and feelings, so what the hell, I’ll see if this works. 
A few things about me:

  • I don’t have an English degree, so I’m going to write however it comes to me.
  • I’m closer to 40 than 30.
  • I miss my professional career.
  • I’ve been a SAHM for 2.5 years.
  • I have a 4yr old, 2.5 yr old twins, and fresh little baby. Yes, 4 kids. We are complete ❤
  • Only family near me is my husband. And sometimes that’s to much. LOL. 
  • I have an excellent RBF.
  • Running & sweating is sanity, for me. Plus, free 2 hr child watch. Love my gym!
  • I’m in desperate need of a vacation without children! Or a MNO. Or a trip to Target with no kids. Silence. I just need silence.
  • I love good coffee, coconut oil on everything, bacon, butter, chocolate, Guinness and wine. Oh, wine! 

So, until next time, xo—j.


5mo later…

Okay, life is busy. So busy. Finally, this month it’s all caught up to me and I now know I need to scale it back. I need to start saying no to things. Start making no plans. Go with the flow of our day. Since pre-k started in September, I feel like I’m constantly on the road, heading somewhere, where all I really want to be is at home.

Today, after we finally got home and I was so moody, I decided to say eff it to cleaning and decided to pull out craft supplies. The BIGS made super cool spiders to hang outside. <spooky> Everyone was happy, getting along, laughing, and I got out of my funk. Quick pic I took of our fun:

I need to do plan Z, go with the flow.

I need to say no more to other people. 

I need to read more books…or blogs

I need to write more.

I need to draw more.

I need to create more. 

I need to relax more.

Here’s to, a hopefully, chill weekend!

Because, Target…& Monday. 

Wine time, anyone? A must after the all nighter I pulled, last night. Baby girl spiked a fever in the middle of the night. It was the first temp that she has had at or above 100.4. To be honest, I wasn’t really surprised. Both big brothers had fevers, one after the other, late last week. So I knew she would fall victim to the virus.

Needless to say, a trip to her pediatrician revealed that she has an ear infection. Which I’m guessing is from all this drainage she’s been having. Ear infection means a couple of things: a prescription (not a big fan of) and a call to the chiropractor (fan of) to resolve the issue.

So, since I needed to pickup the prescription, may as well take care of a few errands in a one stop shopping! Woohoo, thank you Target for now having a CVS inside.

So, because of Target, my Monday will end on a better note than it started!

(Plus I found a cute outfit for baby girl, on clearence!) 

cheers & xo—j.